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Our Patient Testimonials

Here is what some of our current patients had to say after visiting our office.

Every one of these reviews was left for us verbatim by a real patient in our office and is also posted online on one of our many listings. Want to see reviews which are not coming from our website? Go to and search for Da Vinci Dental Specialists and look at any of the listings, many of them will have current reviews posted and visible.

We have been looking for a new dentist. Our old dentist did not have good hours, and it took too many appointments for certain treatments.The staff at DaVinci Dental was a very nice experience. They took time to describe each treatment I was going to need,and even showed the problem to me buy taking pictures. It went very well. I was welcomed as soon as I walked in. It did not take long for them to gather all my information. Everything was explained to me as they went along. When it came time to make my appointments they were very helpful in explaining all my options.They did not pressure me into anything.

A local favorite, or highly recommended because I had a great experience at Da Vinci Dental in Warminser ,PA. Everyone was very friendly and i was giving a very detailed review of the upcoming visits. i can see myself returning to Da Vinci Dental in the near future.

Went for a examination. Dr. Cohen was very thorough and explained everything he recommended get done. They were even able to schedule me a cleaning right after so I didn’t have to come back. Everyone seemed very nice and willing to help with any questions I had.

You will know just what they suggest for you and all the details. Everyone cares about you.

About 2 years ago my dentist retired so I thought I’d give Da Vinci Dental a try. It had been a while since my last visit and I knew I needed some work. During my first visit Kristi the dental hygienist made a very thorough examination of my teeth and gums which fortunately for me, lead me down a path of getting my teeth and gums into their healthiest shape ever. I had work done by three different dentists and all were very professional, informative, caring and meticulous. Kristi is a gem and gives the most thorough and gentle cleanings I’ve ever had and offer’s personalized advice and guidance on maintaining my oral hygiene. Highly recommend!

He is very cheerful and willing to help. He explained to me everything that needs to be done and what is going on. I look forward to working with him in the future. Best Dentist Ever!

I cannot say enough with regard to how wonderful they are here – from the receptionists to the dentists, dental team and periodontist. In the past I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist, often spanning several years in between cleanings, as I had a terrible experience once as I was a child. Although they are located about 35 minutes away from me, the experiences I’ve had here have absolutely changed my perspective and the distance is, without a doubt, worth it. They are extremely well priced, with or without insurance, and the extent they go to in trying to make dental care affordable for the individual is clear from day one. They genuinely make every effort to align their services with your budget and the dental team genuinely care about giving you a great experience every visit. Kristi is the best dental hygienist I’ve ever had – hands down the best cleaning ever and I will continue to schedule all my cleanings with her. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

“Dr. Cohen was extremely informative. He made sure we understood everything before and after our exams. The office staff is very professional and friendly.”

“Just switched to this dentist, they were very friendly and were great with the kids too. Highly recommend them.”

“I just started going here and the employees are great. My son had a tooth pulled and got sick at 11:30 pm, I called the office manager and he got right back to me after speaking with the dentist. It turned out to be unrelated, but they called the next day to check on him. Knowing they are there for you like that, made it an easy decision for them to be our family dentist.”

“Excellent facility. Everything runs smoothly from making appointments to the waiting room (never have to wait long), the cleaning, x rays and checkup. All the workers I’ve encountered have been friendly and professional, Dr Cohen is thorough and explains things to let you know what’s happening. Overall, exactly what you want in a dentist.”

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