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Extractions at Da Vinci Dental Specialists in Warminster, PA


Need an extraction?  Whether simple, surgical or a wisdom tooth, Da Vinci Dental Specialists offers an Oral Surgeon and a team of professionals to handle any extraction, comfortably and pain free with local or general anesthesia.  Call 215-383-6700, send us a message or stop in and mention this page, so we can take a complimentary X-Ray and give you a quote based on difficulty, instead of charging you a high fee.

 Mention this page and receive 20% off of your sedation with our Oral Surgeon.

Da Vinci Dental Specialists offers a team of professionals to take care of any tooth extraction, comfortably, under local anesthesia.  Our general dentists complete simple tooth extractions, our Board Certified Periodontist uses finesse to complete surgical extractions of broken teeth and can provide immediate tooth replacement options using implants, and our oral surgeon extracts partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth, painlessly and fast with local or general anesthesia.  Having a team of specialists under one roof ensures that you receive the best care possible, conveniently in one place, without any additional fees or referrals.  Call us at (215)383-6700 or contact us through the website to schedule your consultation.


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